GAMDAM Glacier Inventory
Latest Version: Nov. 2014

Terms of Use

  • The GAMDAM Glacier Inventory (hereafter GGI) is an inventory of Asian glaciers, which was created under a project "Glacier Area Mapping for Discharge in Asian Mountains" funded by the Funding Program for Next Generation World-Leading Researchers (NEXT Program, GR052).
  • Redistribution of the GGI is prohibited. Someone who wants to use the GGI has to get in touch with Dr. Akiko Sakai (, PI of the GAMDAM project.
  • If someone wants to use the GGI for publication, he or she needs to consult Akiko Sakai about authorship even if a part of the GGI is used.
  • The downloadable zip-file consists of "polygon shapefile" of glacier outlines merged on 18 Nov. 2014, which is able to be opened by ArcGIS (WGS84). Please use the date as version of the GGI.
  • We are still revising glacier polygons at present. We plan to release the final version of the GGI on June 2016.
  • Reference
    Nuimura T, Sakai A, Taniguchi K, Nagai H, Lamsal D, Tsutaki S, Kozawa A, Hoshina Y, Takenaka S, Omiya S, Tsunematsu K, Tshering P, Fujita K (2015) The GAMDAM glacier inventory: a quality controlled inventory of Asian glaciers. The Cryosphere, 9(3), 849-864, doi:10.5194/tc-9-849-2015.
    [open access site]