What's cryoscience.net?
Since May 2008

We are "Cryosphere Research Laboratory" in Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University.

Our Main Interests are

  • Changes in Himalayan glaciers
  • Himalayan glacial lakes
  • Paleoclimate with Asian ice cores
  • Hydrology of glaciated regions
  • Stable water isotopes in Antarctic snow
  • News

    10 May 2018 Segawa et al. (Fujita as co-author)
    A paper on cryo-microbes in ice core has been published in Heredity.

    4 May 2018 Akiyama et al. (Fujita as co-author)
    A paper on ground water in Gobi Desert has been published in Environments.

    7 Mar 2018 Uemura et al. (Fujita as co-author)
    A paper on Antarctic paleoclimate has been published in Nature Communications.

    1 Mar 2018 Azam et al. (Fujita as co-author)
    A review paper on Himalayan glaciers has been published in Journal of Glaciology.