What's cryoscience.net?
Since May 2008

We are "Cryosphere Research Laboratory" in Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University.

Our Main Interests are

  • Changes in Asian glaciers
  • Himalayan glacial lakes
  • Paleoclimate with ice cores
    (High mountain Asia, Antarctica, Greenland)
  • Paleoclimate with speleothem
  • Hydrology of glaciated regions
  • Process study on stable water isotopes
  • News

    Apr 2024 Watari+ (Fujita as a coauthor)
    A paper on aerosols in an ice-core and clouds in Greenland has been published in Scientific Reports.

    Apr 2024 Sadyrov+ (Fujita as a coauthor)
    A paper on glacier meltwater in Kyrygz Tien Shan has been published in Frontiers in Earth Science.

    Apr 2024
    Khalzan(PhD:Sc) and Hoshiya(BS) graduated, and Kondo(JSPS-PD) and Kito(M1) join the lab.

    Mar 2024 Zhai+ (Fujita as a coauthor)
    A paper on ice-core chemstiry in Arctic has been published in Geophysical Research Letters.