What's cryoscience.net?
Since May 2008

We are "Cryosphere Research Laboratory" in Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Nagoya University.

Our Main Interests are

  • Changes in Himalayan glaciers
  • Himalayan glacial lakes
  • Paleoclimate with ice cores
    (High mountain Asia, Antarctica, Greenland)
  • Paleoclimate with speleothem
  • Hydrology of glaciated regions
  • Process study on stable water isotopes
  • News

    1 Apr 2019
    R. Uemura has joined the lab. as Associate Professor.
    Y. Sato (D1) and W.X. Chen (M1) have proceeded, and R. Ito (B4) has joined the lab.
    Prof. Nishimura (retired), A. Tsushima (Researcher), A. Komatsu (D3) and H. Tsuji (M2) have left the lab.

    27 Feb 2019 Santra et al. (Fujita as co-author)
    A paper on black carbon and glaciers in the Himalayas has been published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

    1 Nov 2018
    A. Sakai has promoted to Associate Professor.
    W.X. Chen (as Research Student) and P. Khalzan (as PhD. Student) has joined our lab.

    25 Oct 2018 Podolskiy et al. (Fujita, Sunako, Tsushima as co-authors)
    A paper on cryoseismology on a Himalayan glacier has been published in Geophysical Research Letters.