Faculty Staff

Professor Koji FUJITA
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  • Change in Asian glaciers
  • Study on Asian ice cores
  • Stable water isotopes in Antarctic snow
  • Associate Professor Akiko SAKAI
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  • Hydrology of Asian glaciated regions
  • Expansion mechanism of glacier lakes
  • GAMDAM Glacier inventory
  • Associate Professor Ryu UEMURA
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  • Paleoclimate study using ice cores
  • Stable water isotopes
  • Paleoclimate study using speleothem
  • Post Doctoral Researcher

    No one now

    Graduate Student

    D3: Purevdagva KHALZAN

  • Glacio-hydrology of Mongolian glaciers
  • D3: Yota SATO

  • Spatial distribution of ice cliff and its impact on shrinking debris-covered glacier in the Nepal Himalaya
  • D2: Nao ESASHI

  • Analysis of a Himalayan ice core
  • M2: Naoya ISHIDA

  • Mass balance and surface albedo of Mongolian glaciers
  • M1: Keita YASUE

  • TBD
  • M1: Kai IKOMA

  • TBD
  • Under Graduate Student

    B4: Yuta ARIMURA

  • TBD
  • B4: Saya HAMAMOTO

  • TBD
  • Former members

    Mar 2022

    Orie SASAKI (Researcher) -> Researcher, Shibaura Institute of Technology

  • Glacio-hydrology of glacierized catchments
  • Sep 2021

    Weixi CHEN (M3) -> Home country

  • Interaction between glacial lakes and glaciers in High Mountain Asia
  • Jul 2021

    Masahiro MINOWA (PostDoc Researcher) -> Assistant Prof., ILTS, Hokkaido University
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  • Dynamics of calving glaciers
  • Mar 2021

    Yuka TANAKA (M1) Suspension -> Withdrawal

    Mar 2020

    Ryohei ITO (B4) -> Musician

  • Dust impact on glacier mass balance and runoff
  • Oct 2019

    Sojiro SUNAKO (D5) PhD -> Researcher, Snow and Ice Research Center, NIED, Nagaoka

  • Mass balance of Himalayan glacier
  • Mar 2019

    Koichi NISHIMURA, Professor Emeritus/Retired
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  • Avalanche and blowing snow dynamics
  • Akane TSUSHIMA (Researcher) -> PostDoc Researcher, Chiba University

  • Stable isotopes in ice core and tree ring
  • Asami KOMATSU (D3)@PhD -> Japan Meteorological Association, Sapporo

  • Blowing snow projection in Hokkaido
  • Hiroki TSUJI (M2) -> Railway Technical Research Institute

  • Experimental study on water infiltration into snowpack
  • Apr 2018

    Cristina Carla PEREZ-GUILLEN (PostDoc Researcher) -> PostDoc Researcher, WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF, Davos Switzerland

  • Avalanche study with seismometer
  • Mar 2018

    Reiko HIRATA (Secretary)

    Kozaburo OHTA (M2) -> Focus Systems

  • Elevation changes in glaciers in the Khumbu region, Nepal Himalaya revealed with oblique photographs
  • Yuki SHIGEOKA (M2) -> JP Business Service

  • Paleoclimate reconstruction in northern Japan during the last 400 years by spatiotemporal correlation analyses of tree-ring oxygen isotopic ratio
  • Mar 2017

    Hirofumi NIIYA (PostDoc Researcher) -> Assistant Prof., Niigata Univ.
    personal page / ResearchMap / ResearchGate / GoogleScholar

  • Theoretical study for morphodynamics of sand dunes and snow avalanches
  • Sunal OJHA (D5) PhD -> Project Manager, Kathmandu Univ., Nepal

  • Monitoring of glaciers and their regional shrinkage over mid-eastern Himalaya using high resolution satellite observations
  • Takehiro SUZUKI (M2) -> Hitachi Systems

  • Effect of black carbon on water retention in snow layer
  • Mar 2016

    Damodar LAMSAL -> Asia Air Survey

  • Changes in Himalayan glaciers with remote sensing data
  • Aug 2015

    Claire DONNELLY (Research Student) -> PhD Student, Bristol University

  • Avalanche hazard map around Mt. Fuji
  • Mar 2015

    Yu HOSHINA (D5) PhD -> PostDoc Researcher, Center for Global Environmental Research, NIES@-> Science Communicator, Miraikan, Tokyo

  • Post depositional changes in snow chemistry in inland Antarctica
  • Phuntsho TSHERING (M2) MSc -> Department of Geology and Mines, Bhutan

  • Geodetic mass balance of Gangju La Glacier in the Bhutan Himalayas
  • Yuta MATSUHASHI (M2) MSc -> Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ

  • Grain size property of Gregoriev Ice Core
  • Mar 2014

    Takayuki NUIMURA (D5) PhD(Sc, Mar2011) -> PostDoc Researcher, Nagoya Univ. -> Assistant Professor, Chiba Institute of Science -> Associate Professor, Tokyo Denki University
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  • Changes in Himalayan glaciers with remote sensing data
  • Shuhei TAKENAKA (Researcher)

  • Analysis of Himalayan glacial lakes
  • Kae TSUNEMATSU (PostDoc Researcher) -> Researcher, Mt. Fuji Research Institute, Yamanashi Pref. -> Associate Prof., Yamagata Univ.
    ResearchMap / GoogleScholar

  • Volcanic plumes
  • Hiroto NAGAI (D4) PhD(Env) -> PostDoc Researcher, JAXA -> Assistant Prof., Waseda Univ.

  • Climatic and topographic influences on glacier distribution and debris-covered area formation in the Bhutan Himalaya
  • Keisuke MORI (M2) MEnv -> ITOCHU Techno-Solutions -> LINE Co.

  • Simulation and hazard map for avalanche
  • Dec 2013

    Satoshi OMIYA (PostDoc Researcher) -> PostDoc Researcher, Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region

  • Electric charge of blowing snow particle
  • Nov 2013

    Yoichi ITO (PostDoc Researcher) -> PostDoc Researcher, Cemagref, France -> Snow and Ice Research Center, NIED, Nagaoka

  • Drifting snow and avalanche
  • Oct 2013

    Keisuke TANIGUCHI (PostDoc Researcher) -> PostDoc Researcher, CRiED, Tsukba Univ -> Fukushima Pref. -> Lecturer, National Institute of Technology, Tsuyama College, Okayama
    ResearchMap / GoogleScholar

  • Wind dunes on Earth and Mars
  • Mar 2013

    Shun TSUTAKI (PostDoc Researcher) -> PostDoc Researcher, NIPR/ILTS -> PostDoc Researcher, JAXA -> PostDoc Researcher, AORI, Univ. Tokyo -> PostDoc Researcher, NIPR
    personal page / ResearchMap / GoogleScholar

  • Interaction between glacier and glacial lake using a dynamics model
  • Kosei MURAKAMI (M2) MEnv -> Cosmos Initia

  • Trace elements in Gregoriev ice core, Inner Tien Shan
  • Chika YOKOYAMA (M2) MEnv -> Yoyogi Seminar

  • Particle size distribution in drifting snow
  • Tainien CHEN (M2) MEnv -> Katecs

  • Blower snow fence
  • Aki KOZAWA (B4) BGeogr -> Kirin Brewery

  • Climatic constraint on glacier distribution in the Asian highland
  • Mar 2012

    Jiro KOMORI (Assistant Prof.) Thimphu, Bhutan/GLOF project completed -> Lecturer, Teikyo Heisei Univ. -> Assoc. Professor
    ResearchGate / ResearchMap

  • Study on glacial lake outburst flood in the Bhutan Himalaya
  • Sachiko OKAMOTO (D4) PhD(Sc) -> PostDoc Researcher, RIKEN -> PostDoc Researcher, Center for Global Environmental Research, NIES

  • Study on climatic proxies in ice cores from Mt. Belukha, Siberian Altai
  • Jan 2011

    Evgeniy A PODOLSKIY (D3) PhD(Sc, Jun2010) -> PostDoc Researcher, Nagoya Univ. -> PostDoc Researcher, Cemagref, France -> Assist. Prof., Arctic Research Center, Hokkaido Univ.
    ResearchGate / ResearchMap / ResearcherID / GoogleScholar

  • Studies on snow avalanche induced by earthquake
  • Sep 2010

    Yong ZHANG (D3) PhD(Sc) -> PostDoc Researcher, Dept. Engineering, Univ. Tokyo -> PostDoc Researcher, NIPR -> Professor, Hunan University of Science and Technology, China
    ResearcherID / personal page / GoogleScholar

  • Debris mantle distribution and its effect on changes in surface elevation of Hailuogou glacier, southeastern Tibetan Plateau
  • Mar 2010

    Tomoki SATAKE (M2) MSc -> AT Johoken

  • Study on changes in distribution of seasonal snow cover during melting season in Tateyama region, the Japan Northern Alps
  • Tomokiyo YAMAMOTO (M2) MSc -> Shimadzu

  • Chemical analysis of a re-drilled ice core on Dunde Ice Cap, western China
  • Mar 2009

    Takashi SUZUKI (M2) MSc -> Pacific Consultants -> Japan Meteorological Agency

  • Research on drifting snow dynamics with windtunnel experiment and numerical modeling
  • Mar 2008

    Yoshihiro MATSUDA (D5) PhD(Sc) -> Mountain Guide/PostDoc Researcher, HyARC, Nagoya Univ.(May-Dec2011)

  • Response of Asian glaciers to climate change
  • Mar 2007

    Yutaka AGETA, Professor Emeritus/Retired

  • Fluctuation of Asian glaciers
  • Chiyuki NARAMA (JSPS Researcher) -> PostDoc Researcher, RIHN -> Associate Prof., Niigata Univ. -> Professor

  • Fluctuation and hydrology of glaciers in Kyrgyz Tienshan
  • Tomohiro AKIYAMA (D4) PhD(Sc) PostDoc Researcher, Aichi Univ. -> PostDoc Researcher, Univ. Tokyo -> Assistant Professor, Univ. Tokyo

  • Ground water hydrology in hyper arid region
  • Ryohei SUZUKI (D3) PhD(Sc) -> Fujitsu Software

  • Thermal properties of debris-covered glacier
  • Kuniharu HIYAMA (M2) MSc -> Nagoya City Hall

  • Fluctuation of Hamaguriyuki snow patch