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Gurung TR, Kayastha RB, Fujita K, Joshi SP, Sinisalo A, Kirkham JD
A long-term mass balance reconstruction (1974-2021) and a decadal in-situ mass balance record (2011-2021) of Rikha Samba Glacier, Central Himalaya.
Journal of Glaciology

Minowa M, Skvarca P, Fujita K
Climate and surface mass balance at Glaciar Perito Moreno, Southern Patagonia.
Journal of Climate

Sato Y, Fujita K, Inoue H, Sakai A, Karma
Land- to lake-terminating transition triggers dynamic thinning of a Bhutanese glacier.
The Cryosphere Discussion [preprint],, 2021
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Sunako S, Fujita K, Izumi T, Yamaguchi S, Sakai A, Kayastha RB
Up-glacier propagation of surface lowering of Yala Glacier in Lagntang Valley, Nepal Himalaya.
Journal of Glaciology