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in revision

Minowa M, Skvarca P, Fujita K
Climate and surface mass balance at Glaciar Perito Moreno, Southern Patagonia.
Journal of Climate, minor revision

Sunako S, Fujita K, Izumi T, Yamaguchi S, Sakai A, Kayastha RB
Up-glacier propagation of surface lowering of Yala Glacier in Lagntang Valley, Nepal Himalaya.
Journal of Glaciology, minor revision

under review

Gurung TR, Kayastha RB, Fujita K, Joshi SP, Sinisalo A, Kirkham JD
A long-term mass balance reconstruction (1974-2021) and a decadal in-situ mass balance record (2011-2021) of Rikha Samba Glacier, Central Himalaya.
Journal of Glaciology, 3rd round review