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Sunako S, Fujita K, Inoue H, Immerzeel WW, Izumi T, Kayastha RB
Quality assessment of multiple UAV-SfM DEMs derived for impact assessment of a co-seismic avalanche in the Himalayas.

Tsutaki S, Fujita K, Nuimura T, Sakai A, Sugiyama S, Komori J, Tshering P
Contrasting thinning patterns between lake- and land-terminating glaciers in the Bhutan Himalaya.
The Cryosphere Discussion,, 2018
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under review

Pang HX, Hou SG, Landais A, Masson-Delmotte V, Jouzel J, Steen-Larsen HC, Risi C, Zhang WB, Wu SY, Li YS, An CL, Wang YT, Prie F, Minster B, Falourd S, Stenni B, Scarchilli C, Fujita K, Grigioni P (19 authors)
Influence of summer sublimation on triple water isotopologues in East Antarctica and its implications for ice core climatic reconstruction.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres

Podolskiy EA, Fujita K, Sunako S, Sato Y
Numerical modeling of nocturnal thermal fracturing at a Himalayan debris-covered glacier.
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface

Sakai A
Brief Communication: Updated GAMDAM Glacier Inventory over the High Mountain Asia.
The Cryosphere Discussion,, 2018
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Santra S, Verma S, Fujita K, Chakraborty I, Boucher O, Takemura T, Burkhart JF, Matt F, Sharma M
Simulations of black carbon (BC) aerosol impact over Hindu-Kush Himalayan sites: validation, sources, and implications on glacier runoff.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussion,, 2018
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Sunako S, Fujita K, Sakai A, Kayastha RB
Mass balance of Trambau Glacier, Rolwaling region, Nepal Himalaya: In situ observations, long-term reconstruction, and mass-balance sensitivity.
Journal of Glaciology