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Nishimura M, Aoki T, Niwano M, Matoba S, Tanikawa T, Yamasaki T, Yamaguchi S, Fujita K
Quality-controlled meteorological datasets from SIGMA automatic weather stations in northwest Greenland, 2012–2020.
Earth System Science Data Discussion [preprint], doi:10.5194/essd-2023-116, 2023
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under review

Nagatsuka N, Goto-Azuma K, Fujita K, Komuro Y, Hirabayashi M, Ogata J, Fukuda K, Ogawa-Tsukagawa Y, Kitamura K, Yonekura A, Nakazawa F, Onuma Y, Kurita N, Rasmussen SO, Sinnl G, Popp TJ, Dahl-Jensen D (17 authors)
Regional variations in mineralogy of dust in ice cores obtained from northeastern and northwestern Greenland over the past 100 years.
EGUsphere for Climate of the Past [preprint], doi:10.5194/egusphere-2023-1666, 2023
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